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Rise Above

Project Overview

Prior to contacting us Rise Above did not have a website that was mobile responsive and needed to be brought up to date to accommodate increased mobile traffic. Web accessibility was also a top priority for the Massachusetts based non-profit so we followed Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), making the site accessible to individuals with disabilities and promoting inclusivity.

With careful attention to accessibility principles, we revamped the nonprofit’s website to provide an optimal user experience for all visitors. The website is also now fully responsive across all device sizes. We have implemented features such as alternative text for images, clear navigation structures, proper heading hierarchy, and sufficient color contrast to ensure that the content is perceivable and understandable to everyone.

Our goal was to create a web presence that not only reflects the mission and values of the nonprofit but also ensures equal access to information and services for all users across all devices. We are happy to support this nonprofit in their efforts to make a positive impact in the community while promoting digital inclusivity.


Website design, UI/UX, WordPress development, WCAG compliance / web accessibility.


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