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Virtual Production & Livestreaming

Livestreaming and virtual events increase engagement with your audience, and create unique monetization and marketing opportunities. From paid fan subscriptions, to repurposing video content that enhances a new or existing social media strategy.

Let us take care of the technical stuff and help you plan and produce a successful broadcast. 

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Partnered with our colleagues at Stream Inspectors out of Houston, we’ve successfully planned and produced hundreds of successful virtual events and livestreams for artists and organizations spanning a wide range of sectors. 

From nonprofits, to enterprise businesses, to award-winning artists, our experienced team will work with you to ensure a seamless and professional live broadcast; free from the stress and technical challenges that can often hinder a virtual production.

Whether you’re looking to host a conference, concert, or a casual Q&A, we have the experience to help you pull it off successfully. 

Get in touch and tell us about your project, or learn more below. 

Why livestreaming?

Increased Visibility
and Engagement

Livestreaming allows you to interact with your audience in real time. This can foster a deeper sense of community and engagement with your audience, especially in comparison to a typical social media post.


Virtual productions and livestreams can reach a broader audience. People who are unable to attend an event physically can still participate and experience it virtually, expanding your reach and accessibility.


Livestreaming provides an unfiltered and authentic way to connect with your audience. It allows you to showcase real-time experiences, thoughts, and emotions, which can enhance trust and credibility.

Cost Efficient +

Investing in production equipment is rarely needed to get started with a basic livestream and there are also several ways to monetize your streams; from offering subscriptions to sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

and Insights

Through live chat and comments, you receive instant feedback from your audience during a livestream. This can help you gauge their reactions, preferences, and interests, enabling you to adapt and improve your content in real time.


While the nature of many livestreams is casual, they don’t have to be. Get creative. Artists can plan stripped-down acoustic performances, businesses can hype up product launches, and nonprofits can use livestreams as a fundraising tool.

Real-time Content

Certain events or announcements are time-sensitive and benefit from being delivered in real time. Livestreaming allows you to share breaking news, product launches, webinars, conferences, or live performances with your audience immediately. 


Livestreams can be recorded and repurposed for future use. This creates value to viewers who may have missed the live broadcast, and also gives you the benefit of having additional social media content. A recorded livestream can be edited and chopped up into several smaller parts and strategically weaved into a new or existing social media schedule.

Project Spotlight:

gino vannelli facebook live

In 2022 we coordinated several livestreams via Facebook Live for Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, Gino Vannelli. With a massively engaged global audience, thousands of Gino’s fans viewed and interacted with his livestreams in real time.

Highlights include a campaign with Mark Thompson and Rex Brown to promote a charity event at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills around the 2022 holidays.

gino vannelli livestream broadcast with mark thompson and rex brown
live streaming data for gino vannelli facebook live
thank you for watching on facebook live

Virtual Production and Livestreaming FAQs

Our minimum project fee for livestreaming and virtual production services is $1,500.

Contact us or fill out our project request form and tell us a little bit about what you’re working on. This will help us provide a more accurate cost estimate. 

The short version is you show up in front of the camera, and let us take care of everything else. 

Some virtual productions can take more time to prepare and plan. For example, a casual Q&A on Facebook Live can be setup inside of an hour whereas a live performance will involve more preparation. 

Some other factors that effect the process are the number of people appearing on camera, the equipment being utilized by each party, the social networks being broadcast to/from, and the intended length of your stream.

No stream is exactly the same, so get in touch and let’s start strategizing. 

It’s never a bad idea to get creative with your livestream content, but simply showing your face on camera and interacting with your audience can be extremely effective. 

Typical livestreams and virtual productions include live performances, casual Q&As, conferences, webinars, corporate events, and fundraisers. 

Yes, we offer full-service virtual event production, from concept development and planning to technical setup and execution. We can even monitor the comments to ensure your event is fostering a positive environment. 

Whether it’s a casual Q&A or a live performance, our team can help you create a custom virtual event that meets your specific needs and goals.

Get in touch and let’s start strategizing. 

Typically a stable internet connection and your device’s built-in microphone and camera is all that is required for a casual livestream. 

Depending on the goals of your production, we will work with you to suggest any extra gear that may be needed to better meet the overall production goals. 

Yes, absolutely. We remote connect with your system to ensure your equipment is properly working prior to going live. We will optimize your encoder settings to achieve a high-quality output. 

Further, our team is well versed in setting up popular streaming encoders like OBS Studio, Streamlabs, XSPLIT, Streamyard, and more. 

Leave the technical stuff to us, that’s what we’re here for. 

We can easily integrate custom overlay graphics that you provide to us for use in various scenes. Typically these would include things like “broadcast starting soon”, “be right back”, “ending credits”, and stinger transitions.

We can also integrate other assets that you provide, such as links, logos, graphics, videos, QR codes, social media links, virtual backgrounds, and sponsors.

Need these assets created for you? We can take care of that too, including pre-produced video content. 

Yes, we offer video production services, including pre-recorded video content creation. Our team can help you create custom videos that can be incorporated into your virtual event or used as standalone marketing materials. 

Get in touch and tell us about your project. This will help us get you a more accurate cost estimate.

We can multi-stream to a variety of platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, Custom RTMP, and more.

We’ll work with any specific preferences you may have to ensure you virtual production is setup for success. 

Yes! Here are some suggestions:

• Subscription or membership fees for premium content
Consider offering exclusive or premium content to your audience on a paid basis, such as behind-the-scenes footage or extended versions of your livestreams.

Offering your livestreams as part of a subscription is a way to generate recurring revenue. While this can work for any industry, it can be especially powerful for artists.

If your content is unique and engaging (i.e. intimate acoustic performances, taking song requests from fans), it will resonate with your audience.

• Sponsorships and advertising
Partner with brands to feature their products or services during your virtual events. Sponsorships and traditional advertising are the most common ways to monetize livestreams.

• Product sales
Livestreams are a great way to promote and hype up your new products and it’s simple to include a clickable link that’s displayed during the duration of your broadcast.

Affiliate sales are also common in the livestreaming space, especially among influencers and gamers. Affiliates typically promote a third party product and collect a percentage for each sale.

• Donations
Especially beneficial in the nonprofit sector, consider accepting donations during your broadcast. Livestreams can be a unique fundraising tool, especially when compared to a typical social media post.

• In-stream ads
Businesses can use Facebook’s in-stream ad feature to show short ads during their livestreams, with revenue generated from the ad being shared between the business and Facebook.

• Virtual events or experiences
As we touched on above, whether you’re an artist, nonprofit, or enterprise business, getting creative with a virtual event is the perfect way to build buzz. If you’re an artist, consider a live performance where you charge a ticket price or registration fee to access the content.

• Real-time content means expanded visibility and reach.

• Livestreaming is more authentic and transparent than pre-recorded content, often leading to increased audience engagement. 

• Cost-efficient (no need for expensive equipment for a basic livestream).

• Monetization opportunities including paid subscriptions and sponsorships.

• Get valuable and instant feedback and insights from your audience.

• Repurposing content opportunities.

Learn more.

Of course! There is very little barrier to entry with a basic livestream. However, technical challenges are not uncommon, which is the primary reason our services are retained.

As you add more complexity to your virtual production (for example: more guests, more equipment, more social networks) there tends to be more room for error. When your focus is on delivering your message, it can be distracting and downright stressful trying to handle the technical end at the same time.

Whether it’s troubleshooting last minute audio, video, or internet connection issues, moderating the comments in real time, or helping with the planning stages to ensure your message is front and center – there’s nothing we haven’t already seen and done.

Our team is well versed in popular streaming encoders like OBS Studio, Streamlabs, XSPLIT, and Streamyard. Our equipment includes battery backups and a business fiber internet connection via AT&T to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted broadcast.

Depending on your production requirements, we may be able to tailor a custom rate for ongoing services.

Get in touch and tell us about your goals, or fill out our project request form and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.

No, you can be anywhere with a stable internet connection. Our primary location is in Los Angeles, and our virtual production team is located in Houston.

The beauty of livestreaming is that geographic location doesn’t matter. 

Contact us or fill out our project request form and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.