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Stray Cat Alliance

Project Overview

Since the website rebuild for Los Angeles based nonprofit, Stray Cat Alliance, we’ve observed some promising data points.

With zero SEO efforts (and no additional marketing / ad campaigns) we’ve seen an increase in page views of 7.4% through the first 6 months of launch. 299,982 page views for October 15, 2022 through April 15, 2023 (vs 279,302 page views for the same period in 2021-2022).

One of many areas of emphasis since our services were retained was to address the organization’s adopting / fostering database. We observed painfully slow load times on the website due to technical issues, which was reflected in the Google Analytics reports. Since cleaning up the issues and optimizing the website’s overall speed, we’ve seen the bounce rate lower by nearly 10% with unique page views increasing by 17.1%.

We were also not surprised to observe mobile traffic increasing by 13% over the first 6 months, proving once again that page speed matters a great deal – especially for mobile visitors.

Using Google Search Console, which was not utilized prior to our involvement, we identified several valuable keywords that the organization is receiving organic traffic from. From mid January 2023 through mid April 2023 we identified 10,300+ clicks to the website directly from organic Google searches.


Website design, WordPress development, custom database, UI/UX.


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